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Fluid dynamics

We analyze and optimize your new sail with the ORC VPP software

We determine your future VMG by different wind speed.

Kuhn Sails analyses and optimises your new sails with a software for Fluid-Dynamic-Analyses

Of the future sail the typical characteristics can be accurately calculated with a

FEM Method (Finite-Elements-Method):

  • Shape and realisation of the sails are being laid out for the circumstances

  • Propulsion and heeling forces are being calculated in dependence with wind and course

  • Power vectors we calculate (see picture). Basic condition for a perfect solutiony

 Advantages for you:

  • The sail is exactly as heavy (light) as necessary - up to 25 % reduction in weight

  • Individually trimmed sails lead to successful regattas

  • For boatbuilders: Rigg and boat can be laid out accordingly to the weight

Kräfte, Vektoren, die wir kalkulieren Grundvoraussetzung für eine perfekte Lösung.

Strength/power vectors we calculate (see picture). Basic condition for a perfect solution.

Druckverteilung im Segel

Pressure distribution in the sail

Verzug des Tuches beim Segeln

Distortion of the cloth when sailing.

Default of the material, while sailing. Blue sail, without wind. Red sails, with wind.

Lift und Drag (Widerstand) des Segels als Beiwert

Lift and Drag

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