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Shade sails from Sailmaker


  • including stainless steel attachments

  • all seams are reinforced

  • the sun sails are made for the permanent outdoor application

  • the limbs of the solar sails are directed upwards by 8% of the length

Important tips:

  • We recommend a slope of at least 30% (eg: 30 cm difference in height on a 100 cm stretch) if the sail is to remain outside during rain, so that the water drain is guaranteed.
    The sun sail has to be connected to the wall bracket with a trimmable fastening so that a re-tensioning of the sail is ensured.

We need the following data:

  • Final mass of the limbs of the solar sail

  • Color: silver, blue or red, other colors on request.

  • Delivery address and invoice address


Please send the inquiry to: 

Kuhn Sailing Center GmbH
Kuhn Sails

Arbonerstrasse 4
CH-8590 Romanshorn TG


Phone: +41 (0)71 793 12 49

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