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Spinnaker and asymmetric spinnaker (gennaker)

For use at Regattas

Kuhn Sails spinnaker for every ship and setting are calculated especially on computer with 3 D CAD software. This reflects in high performances and good service for the sails.

Kuhn Sails spinnaker are exclusively made with the best available nylon fabrics such as "Superlite" and "Supercode" from Contender.

On request we optimize your sail with fluid dynamic analyses software for even better performance.

Here you will find the right sail for your application:

Symmetrical spinnaker

Profil Runner

2S, Runner Medium

AWS* 3-18 kn AWA** 110°-180

4S, Runner Heavy

AWS* 20-30 kn AWA** 110°-180°

Profil Reacher

1S, Reacher Light (VMG)

AWS* 3-15 kn AWA** 60°-110°

3S, Reacher Medium AP

AWS* 15-25 kn AWA** 75°-110°

5S, Reacher Heavy

AWS* 25-30 kn AWA** 100°-155°


SS           symmetrical spinnaker

AS           asymmetrical spinnaker

Runner     have a large full profile for deep courses

Reacher   are cut rather flat for higher courses

1 to 5      model 1 is for low Winds. Model 5 is suited for heavy winds

AWS*      apparent wind speed (scheinbare Windgeschwindigkeit)

AWA**    apparent wind angle (scheinbarer Windeinfallswinkel)

Profil Reacher


1A, Reacher Light (VMG)

AWS* 3-15 kn AWA** 50°-100°

3A, Reacher 

AWS* 8-25 kn AWA** 75°-130°

5S, Reacher Heavy

AWS* 15-30 kn AWA** 100°-130°

Asymmetrical Spinnaker (Gennaker)

Profil Runner


2A, Runner Light

AWS* 3-18 kn AWA** 80°-140°

4A, Runner Heavy

AWS* 20-30 kn AWA** 130°-170°

Application radius for symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnakers

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